We are a  TN based artisan kitchen that specializes in simple, natural gourmet baked goods and savory treats. We use flours that are free from pesticides and chemicals  and  choose the best ingredients we can source, including real butter and free range eggs. There are no artificial flavors, colors, additives, or hydrogenated fats that go into our food. We have several gluten free and vegan options (though it is made in the same kitchen as our other products). Even our mayonnaise is made from scratch. 

Our Story

Growing up between the city of Chicago and Upstate New York on an organic farm I learned from an early age to appreciate the connection between the garden and the table. I began cooking when I was ten and my subsequent move to California had a deep impact on how I choose to cook and eat.  My parents traveled internationally and they helped to nurture an expansive palate. It has instilled a deep love and appreciation for real food and how to share that love in my creations. 

Because of my upbringing and self education my company has a broad range of offerings. My husband and I started in 2007 with our gourmet cheesecakes and have expanded to have everything from handmade cream breakfast biscuits to blueberry muffins and savory pimento cheese. 


Italian Easter Bread